Remove Spector 2.2 Program DLL Completely

SpyBuster removes Spector 2.2 Program DLL and restores your computer back to being fast. Below is a brief analysis of Spector 2.2 Program DLL which is in our database of spyware, malware and adware applications. SpyBuster detects and removes thousands of spyware and adware components. Our online database is only a fraction of what we detect, and our scan engine has the ability to search in unique locations to discover spyware installed on a users machine that is not in our database. SpyBuster 3.5 can detect randomly generated file names and scans unique locations based on each users computer configuration. This is a snapshot of our "known" spyware database and does not include the unique detection algorithms our scan engine uses. SpyBuster's scan engine 'learns' from the machine its running on and scans in places we cannot manually enter into our database. This gives you an extra layer of protection and dramatically increases our detection and removal abilities of newly created spyware without requiring daily database updates!

Spector 2.2 Program DLL Installs These Known Files*:

File: netknl.dll
File: netknlhm.dll

Spector 2.2 Program DLL Installs These Known Registry Entries:

Spector 2.2 Program DLL File Analysis:

There is not currently a file analysis available.

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This page was last updated: 5/10/2010

These removal instructions are for expert users and are to serve as a guide. This is only a snapshot of our database entry for this item. Should you choose to remove this application manually, SpyBuster does not guarantee that with these instructions the application will be completely removed and will not return. SpyBuster encourages all readers to purchase a copy of SpyBuster to safely remove this item.

Reproduction of this document without written consent of SpyBuster Software is strictly prohibited.

*SpyBuster's scan engine detects not only known files related to this application, but also has the ability to search deeper into the system finding unique files on the users computer that may not be in our database. We make no guarantees that the entries listed here are the only ones installed with this software. As with many spyware applications, new files are released all the time. Our state of the art detection engine has the ability to learn from the current computers configuration and search in unique areas that we do not manually enter into our database. At SpyBuster, we work around the clock ensuring the latest definition files for our users with the built in update feature on our software.